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Course cards purchased from April 1, 2023 can be used in the Spring 2023 session. 


You must book your lesson at least 6 hours before its start, by selecting it from the interactive list at the bottom of the page.  

It is possible to take a trial or à la carte course, you only have to book the course and pay on the spot or by purchasing it on this page by selecting "à la carte course".

Classes for all can be taken while pregnant, unless your doctor advises otherwise. 

Course registration is compulsory. If you cancel your attendance with less than 6 hours notice, the lesson will be counted on your lesson card. 

The course description is under the interactive schedule. 


Here is the description of the courses: 

  • Pilates with baby (Lucile) : Gradually regain control over your abs. A great way to start pelvic floor rehabilitation, while being with your baby. 

  • Yoga with baby (Elizabeth) : Yoga with baby, focus on returning to the body and a tender moment to spend with baby and the other participants.

  • Prenatal Yoga (Elizabeth) : For pregnant people, beginner level.

  • Balloon prenatal form (Danielle) : For pregnant people, stretching, cardio and breathing on the menu. 

  • Coffee-Chat (FREE)

  • Hatha Flow Yoga for All (Cindy): Tonic yoga class that will make you move and redistribute energy. 

  • Yin Yoga; deep relaxation (Cindy) : A hybrid between Yin Yoga and Nidra, the few movements and stretches will overlap guided relaxation and deep relaxation. 

  • Group discussion (FREE): Back to childbirth, registration required, animated by Camille, owner of the center

  • Friday, we have various workshops, for the happiness of the whole family, you do not have access to them with your course card, here is the link to buy your place and register.

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