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Educational kit for doulas

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Entirely hand-knitted, this educational kit for doula, midwife or other birth professional is absolutely perfect. 

All of the kit items are on a human scale and give you the flexibility to show multiple birth variations. 

The kit includes: 

  • a flexible and robust baby at the same time
  • a placenta with its two membranes and its umbilical cord with a tie that joins the baby's navel
  • a pregnant uterus with an opening at the top to bring in the baby and its placenta, a cervix that can be stretched to show dilation, and an opening to show cesarean section
  • a knitted breast that may have an invaginated or erect nipple

You have a 6 month warranty on the products after purchase.

You can choose the color of knitted breast, we will call you to confirm the chosen color with you. 

By purchasing the doula education kit, you also get a 10% discount on a Rebozo scarf. 

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