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8 original gifts for a "Baby Shower"

8 original gifts for a "Baby Shower"

8 original gifts for a "Baby Shower"

You are soon organizing a b or do you know friends who organize one? Everyone wants the right shower gifts that are increasingly eco-friendly and sustainable.

Traditionally, the baby shower has been used to cover expectant parents with all the baby cossins, tips, gadgets and essentials. It's also tempered with games, bites and family and friends. More and more, we meet parents who say: noooo we already have everything! Don't bring anything! But hey, we feel like it anyway and we bring a beautiful pale yellow kit with a chick because it's so cute.

Be original this year and opt for a memorable, appropriate gift that will be tinted with the most beautiful colors.

# 1 A plaster belly cast

Besides being a fun activity that you can do during the shower, it is a wonderful memory for future parents since the molding of the belly leaves an artistic mark which can even be decorative. Just buy the materials and this shower gift quickly becomes a source of laughter and fond memories.

It reminds us of the days when we made papier-mâché piggy banks. FUN!

Le Maternity Health Break Center is one of the places where it is possible to learn about molding, located in the North of Montreal. They offer workshops, advice and pot belly decoration!

# 2 A gift certificate for relevailles

This is an attention that will be greatly appreciated by parents when their baby is born.

The “Relevailles” is the period when parents “recover” from childbirth and fall into their new routine. It is a period of adjustment and help during the first weeks of baby's life
is no refusal especially for parents who are often tired, stressed, overwhelmed or simply wanting to offer time for them!

The First Moments offers banks of hours Day and night. This will allow parents to have a little respite while a perinatal professional takes care of the household. Phew!

In addition, our gift cards come in beautiful little boxes and you don't have the impression of arriving empty-handed as if you had just found your gift at the convenience store! They are beautiful and a testament to the love and care you got by purchasing it. The kind of shower gift that will never be too much.

# 3 A gift certificate from Les P'tites Poires

This coffee shop for parents and baby brings together a set of Quebec artisans: scalable, unisex clothing, unique or minimalist creations, you will find what you are looking for!

But beyond the cloth diapers, nightlights and the whole great section Lily and Co, there are furniture retyped by the owner that are simply magical. For the baby's room or yours, these are colorful and modern furniture while remaining accessible.

You can grab a gift certificate or go for a walk to find the perfect gift for your friends.

The large café area is a real haven of peace for parents and their children. A large play area for the older ones, a kitchen provided to take your meals, an espresso machine and workshops almost every day, this is THE place for families.

# 4 Offer a series of meals delivered to your home

Do you know the food preferences of your soon-to-be-parent friends? Why not prepare delicious meals for them that they can easily reheat or even freeze?

It's a nice touch that will save them time during the first days at home. Good, quick, balanced and easy to heat up, this is the right plan to help them your way!

If you don't have time to cook on your own, you can always pay for catering for a few weeks. For parents who live in Montreal, more specifically the Rosemont district, here is our favorite: Fredero in one go.

Tasty and healthy, the menu changes often and there are vegan and gluten-free options. Yay!

# 5 Cards to draw on childbirth and the postnatal period

The illustrator Roxanne Marcoullier has prepared coloring sheets for parents that are full of advice and kindness. You can buy them already colored, but where's the fun! It is by drawing that the words will be able to become anchored in the memory and give confidence to the parents.

There are anatomical models, like this one. More interestingly, there is advice on childbirth, breastfeeding, sleep and all the topics that affect the immediate postnatal period. You can order them online on his website.

# 6 a photography session

After the memory of the baby in the paunch, there is the memory moment with the baby outside the paunch. It is a sober and original way to immortalize the arrival of the baby. Thanks to a photographer specializing in newborn photos, it is possible to take pictures of the baby alone, with parents or siblings. The photo possibilities are endless. They will have fun for sure!

THURSDAY - Photographic content does all this and in addition, it can offer a session at birth, at the place of delivery to capture the first hours of your child or even better, his very birth!

# 7 A Rebozo treatment

Make a gift a care Rebozo it is to promise 3 hours of relaxation to the new mother, approximately 6 weeks after her childbirth. It is a treatment in three stages, namely: a bath with therapeutic herbs chosen by the mother, a massage with 4 hands and tightening with scarves of the whole body.

Imagine, this ritual performed by two doulas in the comfort of her home where the mother can deposit her emotions, let go and close the great loop of birth to focus on the next chapter, the child. It makes you want!

# 8 One month of washable diaper management

There are a lot of Quebec companies that make colorful and fun cloth diapers. It's beautiful, it's gentle on baby's bottom and it's eco-friendly! But what is more unique is Katchoo.

They offer the management of washable diapers, that is to say, no washing !!! Twice a week, a delivery person picks up the bag of dirty diapers and replaces it with a bag of ultra clean diapers. Hallelujah, glory to Katchoo!

So you see, it's easy to go beyond the norm, to please parents in an ecological, special and original way. Dare!

Ysaline Bollie et Camille Maheu
Accompanying persons at birth and relevailles