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Why sign with baby?

Why sign with baby?

Why sign with baby?

Signs are an organic part of our communication. We use our hands to mime, emphasize, describe or point to the things we are talking about. For some, signs are the only possible form of expression. By observing the children of deaf parents, we quickly notice the ease with which these children make themselves understood by their parents.

From birth, children observe and learn. By joining our spoken words with the corresponding signs, babies absorb the information.

Before they are able to speak and say the words, their motor skills are advanced enough to make the sign. Since the link between the sign and the word is established, they will be able to attempt communication with you.

The more it is recognized and encouraged, the more it is used!

The benefits of signs

The child who learns to communicate by signs before words, better understands the importance of communication with his parents. The frustration caused by the misunderstanding of others in the face of his distress or his need is THE source of crises in children.

The signs come to help the child to explain his need very early (between 6 to 8 months of life) and he feels the positive effects of effective communication. He can express a need and his parent responds to it or at least indicates that he understands what the child is going through.

Since the words are linked to the signs, the child retains the word more easily and will be inclined to speak more quickly, to increase the effectiveness of his communication. It is therefore not because he signs that he will be late in speaking, but quite the contrary! The more the child makes himself understood, the more he will want to talk to you.

Our Sign language workshops for babies is designed on LSQ (Quebec Sign Language) and the manual contains several signs and exercises that will follow your whole family for years. Laminated cards are useful during visits to grandparents or to daycare!