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Celebrate the birth differently: don't forget the mom!

Celebrate the birth differently: don't forget the mom!

Celebrate the birth differently: don't forget the mom!

As an alternative to the usual consumerist baby shower, we invite you to rethink the baby's arrival by celebrating the mother-to-be, the woman, her desire, love and strength to create something so great and wonderful.

Whether you choose to highlight this event before and / or after childbirth, it is imperative that the woman keeps her anchorage in her individuality, motherhood being a complementary aspect, but not obligatory. There is no magical metamorphosis the day the tummy tenant leaves for the real world and the personality is removed only for the benefit of the infant.

Mom will be the new first name of one person: the child himself (and we agree that he / she will not say it immediately when leaving). So whether your name is Caroline, Nadja, Éléonore, Alex or Yoko or whatever, there is a party occasion. Yes Yes!

If an alternative drawn from spiritual traditions appeals to you, or if you just want to celebrate in a more intimate way, options like holding a Blessingway or afford a Rebozo treatment might interest you.

The first has its origin in Navajo traditions. Celebrated before childbirth, the Blessingway aims to celebrate woman who makes the choice to procreate, the beginning of a life lived by and for love and peace. It even pairs very well with a pot-luck! Several options of ceremonies and activities are available according to your tastes and the number of guests, so that it reflects your personality and your desires as much as possible.

As for him, the Rebozo care takes its name from the traditional Mexican colored cotton scarf used among others as a baby carrier and in this eponymous ritual. Given postpartum, the treatment takes the woman to reconnect at its physical, spiritual and emotional sides. It also marks the end of one adventure for the beginning of another, from gestation to motherhood, and significantly begins the healing of the body. This ritual can also close other key stages in your life, such as the end of studies, a separation or a career change.

Ready to celebrate? For more details, discover our services The First Moments.

Small end note:

Not all mothers are always fortunate enough to have a quality support network, and some also live in isolation. Do not hesitate to volunteer your time or resources for the benefit of an organization helping families in precarious situations, if you have the means and wish to give to the next.

Rebecca Blain Fortin

Rebecca Blain Fortin

Rebecca Blain-Fortin is a Montreal-based freelance writer and Matante Flyée with an insatiable curiosity, a subtly scathing humor and of course, a love for the little ones!