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5 tips for an easier postnatal period

5 tips for an easier postnatal period

5 tips for an easier postnatal period

Most parents will tell you that coming home with your baby is a big time to adjust and let go. The postpartum period can generate stress and fatigue. At the same time, you will have magical moments glued with a baby who yes yes, makes real smiles at 8 days of life 😉 An easy and uncluttered postnatal, it's getting ready!

You have certainly spent time preparing for your pregnancy and childbirth, but it is also possible to prepare for your postnatal period! Here are 5 effective and concrete tips for an easier and smoother postnatal.

# 1 Proximal parenting

The intense closeness between the parents and the newborn, especially during the first weeks of life, is certainly the first piece of advice that any birth attendant will give you.

In the immediate postnatal period, this can go through:

Skin to skin:

It is THE practice par excellence that you can do from the first seconds of life and continue at home. Without time limit, this technique also called Kangaroo has many more advantages than spending a simple moment of tenderness between you and your baby. It can :

  • avoid too much weight loss in the baby
  • help milk production
  • avoid frequent crying
  • create a bond of trust between the child and his parent
  • be done by both parents
  • regulate the baby's temperature and blood sugar

Photo credit: THURSDAY - photographic content

The co-sleep:

It's when your baby sleeps in the same bed, not just the same room. It is also possible to attach a co-sleeping cradle to your own bed. Still, if you are breastfeeding it is very easy and above all it increases the success of breastfeeding.

The minutes saved in staying in bed and reassuring your baby in his early awakenings will prevent you from excess dark circles. To make it safe, here is the best picture in the world of the talented Orbie Illustrator.

To get the real picture, big and beautiful and with all the advice, check out its portfolio!

The portage:

On arms or in a sling provided for this purpose, this technique helps keep baby close to you. You can go about your business while allowing your newborn baby to enjoy your warmth, smell, voice, and comfort.

Illustration by Mathilde Cinq-Mars

The parent-baby bond is obviously strengthened. Know that there are meetings with doulas or babywearing instructors to learn how to use a baby sling safely. You can find a babywearing instructor near you by visiting the website of theNational Institute of Child Carrying.

# 2 Know the resources in your neighborhood

It is always useful to make a small list of the best postnatal resources in our neighborhood, before you go into labor. Because after a few sleepless nights, it's never a good time to SEEK info. Whether it's for breastfeeding, sleep, your baby's health or yours, all neighborhoods have services for you.

Go to the Breastfeeding Stop of your CLSC, there are some on a regular basis in all the CLSCs. If you prefer to stay at home, opt for a breastfeeding godmother. Fed Source has mentors trained in breastfeeding all over Quebec. You can have free consultations over the phone. Certain Nourri Source offices are also in charge of Breastfeeding Halts.

If traveling is not an option and consultation by phone is not enough, you can always request a home consultation. It is effective and often necessary to check the latching and the physical condition of the situation.

# 3 Freeze homemade meals prepared in advance

A few weeks before your delivery, you may be lucky enough to have the famous "energy boost".

Take the opportunity to prepare good, easy-to-freeze meals. The first few weeks after your baby is born, you can quickly be caught between feedings, diapers, visits and fatigue. You will all be happy that you don't have to shop for groceries and cook! 

There are many dish ideas, Chinese pâtés, quiche of all kinds, macaroni, chili, spaghetti bolognese, risotto etc ... Make it an event with your friends, ask for it during your Shower and be considerate and creative!

# 4 Participate in parent-child meetings

These meetings have several advantages since they allow you to get out of your home, learn new tools, make friends in the neighborhood! There are workshops for EVERYTHING. Baby sign language, EMR, baby massage, DIY household products, babywearing, and more.

Talking with a baby 8 hours a day takes a long time to come. In the postnatal period, don't neglect your need to meet other parents who are in the same situation as you. So come and make friends in addition to breaking the isolation.

There are several cafes, mothers and babies, some with workshops, others with pastries and this one with vintage sofas. The P'tites Pears is one of our favorites, with all the workshops and the huge play area, you can find everything there.

# 5 call on a companion at relevailles

A postpartum doula or a postnatal doula, it is THE professional of choice to give you respite at home.

Whether it's for hours during the day or rather at night, she is there to take care of you. Its objective is to offer respite for the whole household. If that means folding the laundry or doing the dishes while you rest glued with baby, this is it.

So, if you need a rest, you can sleep with a clear conscience leaving your treasure with someone you trust. She trained to be able to take care of toddlers.

Unless you want to take some time for yourself at the library or at the spa (everyone relaxes in a different way!). She can take care of your little one during this time. Discuss it with her, she will be happy to help you.

Bonus tip: the padsicle

Before leaving for the birth, prepare some ice-cold sanitary napkins (preferably washable) for the return trip, a.k.a. padsicles.

You can simply run them under water and then fold them up and put them in the freezer, well wrapped. Once home, you have an “ice pack” formed especially for your pelvic floor, which may still be a little swollen.

If you want to go with the check mark above, you can replace the water with this recipe for Trappers, which will invigorate your perineum in time to say it:

  • Pure aloe gel
  • Witch hazel hydrosol spray
  • Washable towels or comfortable fabric strip
  • Waxed paper
  • Large plastic container

Go see how to do on their site, it's super well explained.

Take your time, things will take their place, as they often do once you get back to sleeping and eating.

Don't let go of the parents. You got this.

Ysaline et Camille
Accompanying persons at birth and relevailles