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Essential oils to use during childbirth

Essential oils to use during childbirth

Essential oils to use during childbirth

From the start of pregnancy, future parents eager for information devour books and articles dealing with the various aspects of perinatality. Unfortunately, some topics are controversial and it is difficult to navigate when the information differs from one source to another. Among these: the use of essential oils!

The golden rule: if a doubt remains as to the use of an essential oil, it is better to abstain until a reliable source of information is found. Consult a qualified licensed naturopath and aromatherapist as needed.

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Some essential oils prove to be valuable allies during childbirth. Indeed, their qualities can be used to support labor and relieve pain, in particular. In addition, the smell of essential oils having an action on the limbic system (centre of emotions in the brain), they can also help to deal with the different emotions that will sometimes occur all at the same time during this unique moment. Here are a few: 

Clove or clove (Syzygium aromaticum)

Clove essential oil is nicknamed the midwife, the patroness of midwives and even the oil of incarnation. Its analgesic effect is remarkable for relieving pain in the lower back and lower stomach during active labor. Uterine tonic, it also increases the effectiveness of contractions. It's two birds with one stone! It relieves and encourages the physiology of childbirth. Its smell, meanwhile, invites you to the present moment.

More attention, clove is one of the essential oils formally contraindicated during pregnancy. Indeed, in high doses, it is toxic to the liver. It must therefore be kept preciously for D-Day; use over a few hours will not affect the baby who is about to be born.

Another precaution: clove essential oil is also dermocaustic, that is, its direct use on the skin is very irritating. You must therefore make sure to dilute it in a vegetable oil such as sweet almond oil, hazelnut oil or simply the olive oil used in cooking, in a ratio of about 1 for 5 in favor of vegetable oil, therefore a maximum of 20% dermocaustic essential oil in the mixture.

The noble laurel (Laurus nobilis) 

Aromatic oil obtained by distillation of bay leaf. It is the essential oil of knights, of victory, the one that gives the courage to overcome what seems insurmountable to us. And what could be more victorious and courageous than bringing a child into the world? 

Its analgesic and antineuralgic side makes it a perfect synergy with clove to relieve pain, without slowing down labor. In addition, she has a good affinity with the nervous system to help manage the overflow of emotions, if necessary.

The Palmarosa (Cymbopogon martini)

This essential oil, a little less known than the other two, will charm you with its feminine and discreet scent. It refocuses energy in order to find and highlight what is most beautiful. It also acts in synergy with clove (or even replacing it) because it is not only a uterine tonic, but also a nervous tonic.

The bitter orange petitgrain (Citrus aurantium ssp aurantium (fe))

This remarkable anti-anxiolytic is obtained from the leaf of the bitter orange. Its smell will be able to calm the anxiety of the person giving birth (and other people present) and help them see the positive in this intense moment which brings its share of stress and emotions. 

It can even be used in diffusion during pregnancy for the anxious mother.

Here is an example of a massage oil recipe that can be prepared in anticipation of D-Day:

Recipe for essential oils for childbirth

HE Cloves (Eugenics caryophyllus) 4 ml

  • Anesthetic
  • General and uterine tonic
  • Invite to the present moment

HE Noble laurel (Laurus nobilis) 2ml

  • Anesthetic
  • Give strength and courage

HE Palmarosa (Cymbopogon martinii) 1ml

  • Uterine tonic
  • Bring in the feminine energy

Hazelnut oil (or other vegetable oil) 25ml

Local massage on the lower abdomen and back. Every 30 minutes or as needed! DURING CHILDBIRTH ONLY. Do not use before term or while breastfeeding.

If you don't have all the ingredients on hand and don't want to buy them, there are mixes already made for this purpose. Our favorite product of the moment: Nature Authentik's birth oil!

Finally, the best essential oils cannot replace the human support of the partner, from the doula, the midwife and other stakeholders present during childbirth whether in hospitals, birth centers or at home. 

Marie-France Trudelle, 

Approved naturopath and qualified aromatherapist in French scientific aromatherapy